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公司簡介 Company Profile
采昇企業有限公司,創立於西元1985年,近30 來年憑著專業技術致力於生產製造,動力機/汽車墊片、減速機/馬達及工程機械(油壓缸)用油封 模具開發。

我們堅持提供令客戶滿意的產品。采昇公司專注於密封件的開發,所以有著更強於他牌的技術及專業。H.T 采昇墊片,憑藉著穩定的密封件品質和強大的服務及交期,提供國內外各品牌摩托動力引擎石棉隔熱墊片,引進美國InterFase非石棉墊片以符合歐盟(RoHS)環保標準之規範。提供美國杜邦.日本大金橡膠提供更穩定的品質

H.T密封件品質提供原廠及改裝升級車輛引擎組裝時的氣密及穩定度,以利提升更強大的馬力發揮。各系列產品皆為台灣生產製造。公司主要營業產品:隔熱墊片(石棉、非石棉、塑橡膠、鐵氟龍),機車用大小修理包各式機/汽及動力引擎油封、O- X型環、華司、模具開發。

采昇企業對於內部生管及庫存系統皆依標準化作業程序操作,迅速提供當日訂單之發貨。采昇公司總代理 台灣采昇H.T油封,台灣嵩贊SOG油封 與 台灣鼎基(DING ZING DZ)TPU液壓密封件及STS,GF品牌生產及代理

誠摯歡迎各地貿易商/經銷商 來樣詢價採購 。 www.twts.com.tw


Tsae Sheng Enterprise Co.,Ltd established in 1985, basing on professional technology, specialized in manufacturing high quality products。

Our Main Business Products: Insulator Gasket ( Non-Asbestos. Plastics/Rubber. Oil proof paper )、Oil Seal( NBR. VITON. SI)、Tech. Equipment Seal( PU. PTFE )、O-X/Ring、Washer、Mold Design and Development。

We insist on providing the products with satisfaction commitment to our customers。Tsae Sheng Enterprise Co.,Ltd provides competitive products with leading & innovative Seals development,H.T Gaskets provide Dynamics Engine Gaskets of various motors brands on the basis of stable seal quality and well-performed service & delivery all over the world。

We import Interface non-asbestos Gaskets from the USA to meet all the essential requirements with CE Marking,H.T Seals perform air tightness and stability well to increase horsepower when customers plan on rebuilding engine on original equipment or assembly upgrades。For any queries please contact us。All series products are made in Taiwan。

We aim to provide every customer with first rate service and strict quality to product promotes branch regarding seals business,We create superiority platform to provide custom-made order between China and Taiwan。Seal solution from H.T, Customized for your machine performance,Sincerely trader/agency to inquiry and purchase。



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